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If you were going to die…would you want to leave the world a better place once you were gone? How would you do this? Have you ever been wronged…so wronged that you would be willing to die to see real justice done?

Take One With You takes on some very serious subject matter. It deals with the morality of who gets to decide if someone is worthy to live and what crimes should be punished by death. It also delves into the impersonal nature of the internet and how quickly ideas can spread out of control. It does all of this without being “preachy” or even coming up with its own conclusions. It is a story to make you think and ask yourself these questions.

Oak Anderson tells the story of a group of young people brought together through tragedy, depression and a need/desire to share. When I started Take One With You there seemed to be a lot of storylines going on. I found myself wondering how the author was going to bring all of them together. Well, he brought the whole story together with a very well thought out and exciting conclusions.

Each of the characters in Take One With You is tormented in their own individual way. Anderson has created a “demon” for each and they must battle with this “demon”. They do this by sharing with each other online, and some making drastic, life and death decisions. I love how these characters are real; they have real life problems, and live real life lives and come to real life conclusions.

All in all, Take One With You is a strong, serious story that make you think and ask yourself really hard questions. It is a great commentary on the influence of modern technology and the impersonal and even the unlikely personal connections that can be created through it.

4 Stars

Take One With You 

By Oak Anderson