So here we are, Odysseus’ journey is coming to an end.  I have followed his and Eperitus’ travels, trials and tribulations through the previous five books.  Now we have the Return to Ithaca.

As someone who is familiar with the works of Homer, one thing has bothered me since the first chapter.  If I’m spoiling anything for you, sorry, but the story has been around for three thousand years – Odysseus arrives home alone, everyone he left with for Troy is dead.  But Odysseus is not our hero; it’s Eperitus.  How will Glyn Iliffe reconcile these two things?  Does he kill off the protagonist?  Or does he completely ignore a key element of the original story?  I made this a black or white question in my mind, forgetting all the shades of gray.  I’ll say this, Iliffe walked this tightrope with impeccable skill.

With five books read, it’s difficult to find something new to say about the author’s writing.  I think that since I am still invested in these characters after all this time it is a testament to the author’s abilities.  Glyn Iliffe has created a great cast of characters that not only are respectful to the originals, but also breathe new life into such a well-known tale.

With this journey complete I am left with one nagging question.  What’s next from Iliffe?  Does he create new stories around Eperitus and Odysseus?  Perhaps an adventure for Telemachus?  There are plenty of other Greek myths that could use a modern reboot.  Or…there is a certain survivor from Troy.  I think his story could offer an equal amount of excitement and could benefit from Glyn Iliffe’s knowledge and skill; as a reader, I would be on board.

*4.5 Stars

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Return to Ithaca 

By Glyn Iliffe