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Reinheit.  What does it mean?  It is German for “purity”.  What an appropriate title.  Reinheit is the story of a chair, and the people who came under the influence of this chair.  But the story is so much more than just the story of the chair.  It delves into the evils of the past as well as the struggles and prejudices that are relevant today.  I was purely overwhelmed with the brilliance with which Reinheit was put together.

Thomas S Flowers slowly builds his story, flashing back and forth from World War II era Lithuania to modern day Texas, the only thing tying the two together is an exquisite Queen Anne chair.  As the story progresses, the two sets of characters are juxtaposed against each other.  The good versus the evil and the torment that each goes through.  And all of this tied together through the mystery behind the Queen Anne chair.

The characters were created with great care and attention.  Each and every single one with purpose and intricate details (even though we may not even learn their name).  Rebecca and Braun were especially integral to the story.  We lived through these two and felt their pain and the pressure they were under until each cracked.

Reinheit has the potential to be a true literary masterpiece.  I love independent authors because they are able to push the envelope beyond what a publisher would allow them to do.  Thomas S. Flowers writes with the skill of a seasoned author and tackles subjects that many would fear to touch with a ten foot pole.  I will be looking for more, much more from Thomas S Flowers.

5 Stars

Reinheit By Thomas S. Flowers