2 Book Lovers Reviews

This is the second installment in the Crossfire Series and I was eager to start reading it! You must read them in order because the story does continue…and what a story it is! I promise not to give away too much info about this book because you really should read it yourself for the full enjoyment.

This book picks right up where the first one left off. Eva and Gideon waking up after a passion filled night together and getting ready to go into the office. This book has so much emotion and angst in it that it had me reeling. Gideon and Eva have such a need for each other and an undeniable attraction that it is easy for them to get carried away and to over react to things. The jealousy that occurs in this particular novel feels so real…you almost think that it’s happening to you. Old girlfriends, girlfriend wannabe’s, and rock star ex- boyfriends come back into the picture to cause problems for the couple. When you read this book you will understand just how much trouble they can create!

Their pasts are still causing turmoil for them. They both experience nightmares and have troubles shaking them. When Eva’s past comes back into her present day, everything seems to change. Eva and Gideon have a lot to deal with. He just wants to help protect her (sometimes from himself) and she just wants to love and be loved by him.

The book is fast paced and has a lot happening in it…you will never be bored! It just makes you want to read the third one immediately.

5 Stars

Reflected in You: A Crossfire Novel  By Sylvia Day