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This is the opening story in The Breach Series. In Reckoning we are introduced to the newly orphaned Lexia, she is on her way to live with family that she has never even met before. Aunt Karen, along with Lexia’s cousins, Adwin and Saxon, help Lexia discover powers she never knew she had and grow into a powerful woman.

Reckoning is a story filled with the supernatural, demons, psychics, reapers and much more; behind all of this is a fantastic forbidden love story. The characters were very well developed, with histories and connections that grew at a good pace, not rushed and not too long and drawn out. The supporting cast was a perfect fit to the characters, just enough to keep the story interesting without getting lost in their stories.

I think that there are two skill sets that go into making a great author. The first is the ability to create a fantastic new world with characters that pull the reader in and away from their everyday lives. From my perspective, this skill is the most important, as it cannot be taught. It is a gift - the storyteller. Katheryn Avila has this skill in spades.

The second skill is secondary, it can be learned or even contracted out. It is the mechanics of writing: the flow, structure, etc. This was well done for a debut author, and I am sure it will only improve as Katheryn Avila continues writing.

I am eagerly awaiting book two in The Breach Series. What are Adwin and Saxon doing? What new trials await Lexia? What does the future hold for Lexia and Garrett?

4 Stars

Reckoning By Katheryn J Avila