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This is third installment in The Hunger Trilogy. Wrapping up one of the best PA series I have read. Please note I will assume if you are here you have read Devoured and Consumed.

Well after the shocker epilogue in Consumed where I cursed Jason Brant for having killed Lance, and then brought him back to life, doesn’t he realize that it is cruel and unusual punishment to do that to his readers. We care about these characters, we are not ready to have them killed. Things had settled down at the camp, but then things change again, the Vladdies are evolving, getting even more dangerous.

Ravaged is one of those books that I could not put down, the story is fast paced and exciting. The final action scenes are described better than how I’ve seen many Zombie movies end; the visuals created by Brant are second to none.

It was nice to see Doc Brown come into his own along with Eifort, they really had to take charge back at the camp. Of course Lance and Cassie’s relation grew into something that was completely unexpected, but then again they have been saving each other’s butts since the garbage pile in the alley behind the meth lab back in Pittsburgh.

Ravaged was a Brantastic way to end The Hunger series. Everything came to a satisfying close. There could be room for more, but it really isn’t needed. I foresee this series being among my top picks for the year.

5 Stars

Ravaged – By Jason Brant