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Or as I like to call it:

The Douchebag and the Dickwad

An Asher Benson short story that coincides with the release of book 2.  What a brilliant idea!  For many it has been a while since we last saw Asher Benson, Jason Brant last left him beat-up, injured and in a down right horrible condition.  If he hadn't already been half in the bag, I would have suggested he have a cold one.

The Perfect Crime is a great little reintroduction to Asher.  He gives his detective friend, Andrew Lloyd, some help solving an unsolvable case.  Asher's PTSD condition gives him the perfect insight into the mind of a monster.

It was great to meet back up with Asher, and be reminded that, yes he really is that bad.  I can really appreciate what Jason Brant has done with this short story: reintroduction to Asher, check; create truly evil bad guy, check; cause untold harm and mayhem, check; get me primed for a full length Asher Benson story, check and check.

One last word of advice - read The Perfect Crime.

​4 Stars

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The Perfect Crime – By Jason Brant