It is always hard to review an anthology of short stories, especially one where each story is written by a different author.  Some authors resonate more with the reader than others.  In Paranormal Anthology with a Twist, you have eleven stories, each one completely different from the last.  The thread that holds them all together is the "twist" that each one has.

I think that I'll stick to what worked best for me (focus on the good).  One of my favorite indie authors, Jason Brant, has a great little story, "All I Want for Christmas".  It was one of the reasons I bought the book in the first place; and the twist was completely  unexpected, it was great to see a grown man channel his inner 13 year old girl.

Some of the other highlights included Suburban Zombie by Anthony Lance, Little Tchotchkes by Nicki Scalise and Metronome by Eaton Thomas Palmer.  That is not to sat that the others were not good, but these are the ones that I connected with.

Every story was well written and the anthology as a whole was well put together.  What I got most out of this book was a great introduction to several authors...some of whom have been added to my wish list.

If you are looking for some quick stories that you can get into and out of without tying yourself down, this would be a great choice.  With the zombies, vampires, witches, etcetera it would make a great book for October.  You never know, you just might find an author that you want to read more of.

3.5 Stars

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Paranormal Anthology with a Twist 

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