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So here we are, the most famous siege engine ever, The Trojan Horse. With the two greatest warriors on each side killed (Achilles and Hector), the war is coming to a close. The Greeks must fulfill three oracles before they can conquer Troy. It is up to Odysseus and his faithful companion, Eperitus, to come through for the Greeks.

I thoroughly enjoyed the continuation of this story of Odysseus, told through the eyes of Eperitus. Glyn Iliffe has recreated this story that everyone knows. He has added in his own twists on the tale and made it more about the development of our two heroes than about the war, the horse, and the Greeks bearing gifts.

It takes a great deal of thought, work, and effort to take a story that everyone knows something about and turn it into something fresh and exciting. For this, Glyn Iliffe has my admiration and my purchase of the next book in the series. I really want to see how Odysseus gets home through Glyn Iliffe’s eyes and how Eperitus fits into The Odyssey.

Spoiler if you do not know the Odyssey…..Odysseus is supposed to arrive home alone…all of the Ithicans died during the return…will he kill Eperitus, Omeros, Polites and Astynome?

*4.5 Stars

The Oracles of Troy - By Glyn Iliffe