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The Huskers are rising! They are a threat to us all, how will you survive? In the ever popular and some might say over-saturated PA genre, Dennis Larsen has done what he needs to do, create a great twist on the zombies.

The “Huskers” are not the undead, they have been infected with a virus which kills all but the basic brain functions (their sole purpose is to eat). This leaves them as “husks” of their former selves. This was an ingenious idea to avoid the over used zombie, walkers, etc. Just like people, some of these Huskers are capable of more than others. They can think, organize, plot and plan – another great twist on the genre by Larsen. This allows the Huskers to be a more dangerous enemy than your typical zombie.

Raven Falconer and her three friends have hidden themselves away in a secluded cabin to ride out this threat until “help” arrives. I truly enjoyed the realism of this scenario, we are not dealing with some “Rambo” type of hero who can kill zombies in his sleep. These girls are writers, teachers, lab technicians and such. Some are a bit more tomboy and others don’t want to break their nails. This keeps it real and interesting.

My only complaint is that I would have wanted more. The story was well written and thought out, the characters were believable, and the bad guys were just getting good. I will be looking for Rise of the Huskers.

4 Stars

Operation Z-Day – by Dennis Larsen