This is the first in a series based loosely around the nursery rhyme that was used in the Freddy Kruger, Nightmare on Elm Street movie series. It is the story of reporter, Rebekka Franck, who has run off to a small town in Denmark to get away/escape from her real life. She and her daughter move in with her widowed father, and Rebekka takes a job with a small town newspaper.

Things take an interesting turn when a string of murders start taking place, allowing Rebekka to fully utilize her investigative skills. Like any good mystery, our heroine is one step ahead of the police, but still a couple of steps behind the “perp”. There is some additional tension as Rebekka’s personal life gets intertwined with the case.

One, Two…, was a good story, not a great story. It contained enough tension to keep it interesting, and of course the “who done it?” part was very well done. Many parts of the story had a vague “Déjà vu” element to them. It was an entertaining read and most importantly, Willow Rose created characters that I connected with and cared about. I will be reading more in this series.

3.5 Stars

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One, Two...He is Coming for You

By Willow Rose

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