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Ok, so a witch, werewolf, Sasquatch and an alien abductee walk into a bowling alley together.  Welcome to Trappersville, Wisconsin.  Northwoods Wolfman picks right up where Wisconsin Vamp left off, (so if you haven’t read Wisconsin Vamp - STOP NOW! Go and get yourself a copy of Wisconsin Vamp, discover the comic genius that is Scott Burtness, then return here).  Dallas is the newly crowned “Hero of Trappersville” and revelling in every moment, until a new threat arrives in town.

Northwoods Wolfman is a marvelous addition to the Monsters in the Midwest series.  The vector of the “infection” is as well thought-out and creative as it was in Wisconsin Vamp.  By the time the series is over, the citizens of Trappersville will have to tar and feather Jerry.  And this is just the beginning of the well developed and intricate comedy that we find throughout Northwoods Wolfman.

Scott Burtness has done a fantastic job with the characters in the story.  He successfully turns the villain from book one into the hero of book two.  He develops Dallas from the character that, I for one, hated after he murdered the lovable Vampire Herb.  By the end of Northwoods Wolfman, Dallas is someone that I want to see win.  He has become a selfless, yet simple man who only wants to do the right thing.

If you are in the mood for a cerebral comedy, with a great cast of characters then you will need to schedule a trip to Trappersville, Wisconsin. 

4.5 Stars

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Northwoods Wolfman

By Scott Burtness