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And the “Bad Mom of the Year Award” goes to……….Agnete.

I may be dating myself here, but Nibble, Nibble, Crunch would fit in perfectly with a T.V. show that I remember as a child, Fractured Fairy Tales. It’s about a little girl and a man-eating snowman.

I’ve noticed many books by Willow Rose getting recommended for me, so I thought I would try Nibble, Nibble, Crunch. It is the perfect little combination of suspense, humor, and a great main character, a little girl named, Emma.

If you want a good “one-sitter” (a book that you can start and finish in one sitting), then Nibble, Nibble, Crunch is perfect. I think that I am now ready to move on to, One, Two…He is Coming for you.

4 Stars

Nibble, Nibble, Crunch 

By Willow Rose