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This is the story of Vishous and how he overcame his “curse”. Vishous was the brother that I felt I knew the least through the first three books. His is the brother’s tech guy, a Bo-Sox fan and best bud to the cop, Butch. But we really don’t know what makes him tick.

In Lover Unbound, we learn that Vishous is not only secretive with us, but with his brothers as well. Early on in the book we learn about Vishous’ curse and we meet the woman who will hopefully cure him of it. The story is well written and filled with tension and surprises. The action (fighting) scenes are well done and kept my interest. My only issue is that J.R. Ward seems to keep going back to her same old bag of tricks to resolve “impossible” problems. I really hope that she can reduce this in future books.

4 Stars

Lover Unbound - By J.R. Ward