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Lover Revealed - By J.R. Ward

Butch, wow I never saw any of this coming. This is the fourth installment in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series and in my personal opinion, the best so far. Lover Revealed contains so many twists and turns that I never knew what would happen next or where the story would eventually go.

Butch is the ex-cop “friend” of the Brothers, this is the story of his “curse” and how he is helped to overcome it through the love of a woman. As he is not a vampire, Butch’s curse is a bit more “normal” than the previous book; it is not based on a supernatural curse or an internal struggle over hundreds of years. Butch’s “curse” is in the here and now and it is real and relatable.

Ward does an excellent job of developing the character of Butch, who has been taken in by the Brothers, but still doesn’t quite fit in. His story is shocking and I feel for him throughout the entire book. Next we are off to Butch’s best bud and Sox fan, Vishous.

5 Stars+