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Lover Eternal - By J.R. Ward

Rhage, a.k.a. Hollywood, the brother that every woman wants and every man wants to be (but we can’t). Rhage is unique and his “curse” is like nothing else, it is a true, uncontrollable, supernatural curse; perhaps Rhage can overcome it with the love of Mary (or perhaps not).

In this second installment, we move from Wrath’s story with Beth to Rhage. I really noticed how Wrath and Beth completely fell into the background and I missed these other characters with whom I had come to know so well. J.R. Ward, however, is a master of character development and what’s done is in the past, she is more concerned with Rhage and building for the stories yet to come.

The relationship between Rhage and Mary is filled with so many hurdles, his, hers, and those completely out of their control. I will admit, I was a bit shocked at the details of the “love” scene, but Shelley quickly told that they have nothing on some other books that she’s read.

Lover Eternal was a fun, exciting, frustrating read with everything that you could want from a good book. It was not up to the standard of “Dark Lover”, but it was not far off. It also builds up to “Lover Awakened” and left me anticipating the third book in the series.

4 Stars