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Marc Royce is a new modern action hero. Gone are the days of John McClane, John Rambo or any character played by Arnold back in the eighties. He does not shoot first and ask questions later. Royce’s intellect and restraint are more powerful weapons than any bag of tricks that James Bond ever had. Davis Bunn has created an action hero who is incapable of taking deadly action even when he must, while at the same time being able to blend into his environment to know exactly what he is dealing with before he gets in over his head.

What I loved most about Marc Royce was that as I read I felt as though I could relate to the character. He was not an oversized, muscle bound, gun toting goon. I thought, “Yeah, I could do that”, right up to the point where he goes into action, and then I thought, “Okay, maybe not.”

The story is billed as Christian Literature, but don’t let that scare you off. The main character, Marc Royce, is a Christian who attends church and acts with “Christian” values. This is a good paced action/espionage story with an excellent main character and a perfectly balanced supporting cast.

4 Stars

Lion of Babylon - By Davis Bunn