Krengel & The Krampusz

By M.C. Norris

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Krengel & The Krampusz beings with an all too familiar and comfortable melody..."On the night before Christmas, while the midnight bells tolled, he flayed his sweet cheeks with outgrown nails. Pigeons turtled their necks and winked in the rafters. Vermin scuttled along their muddy byways...". I found myself having to read it out loud. I thought to myself, now this is what I like. Take something warm, comfortable and twist it into something outrageous and shocking.

I was initially intrigued by the cover (they say that you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover, but great covers sell books), and with the holidays fast approaching, I thought this could be a great way to kick off the the last few books of the year. Krengel & The Krampusz is the story of Santa Claus and how he came to be. But it's not like any story you've heard before, and I do not see a cartoon version coming out for kids. It is a dark tale filled with intricately laid out twists and turns.

I enjoyed Krengel & The Krampusz, the characters were very well developed, and each one had their own moment of growth, understanding and acceptance. It depicts people as they were then, are now and unfortunately as they will be in times to come. As a reader, I wanted Krengel to succeed (he is Santa after all), but he is such a flawed tormented soul.

For me the true success of a story is if I want more. Krengel & The Krampusz left me with many questions: How does he get to the North Pole? Could she be Mrs. Claus? This part of the story is done and is complete and I am ready to follow Krengel on his next quest.

*4 Stars