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King of Ithaca - By Glyn Iliffe

Homer with a twist. Glyn Iliffe has taken Homer’s epic poems and retold them (not translated) in a modern way.

The King of Ithaca begins ten years before the famous war and twenty years before the infamous Trojan Horse. He has introduced a new character to the mix, Eperitus, an honorable warrior from the north of Greece. Eperitus befriends the hero, Odysseus, earning his trust and confidence. The story is told from his perspective giving us an inside view to the events building up to the Trojan War, including the selection of Helen’s husband.

The events in the King of Ithaca are not from the Homeric Epics, but give all the necessary background for anyone who is unfamiliar with The Iliad and The Odyssey.

I like the introduction of Eperitus into the tale, he allows us to see the story from the first person point of view and get a different view on the events from the story.

What I enjoyed most is that Glyn Iliffe did not translate it into some kind of English poetry or try and mimic the Homeric style. He is simply telling the story in his own way.

*4 Stars