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Isolation - By David Moody

Isolation is the story of Keith, a young man who has given up on life...until everyone else's life ends and he is left behind alone.

The apocalypse in Isolation goes unexplained, and why not...let's face it, if and when it happens it won't matter, no one will be able to do a damn thing about it.

As always, David Moody has left me shivering in a corner, thinking to myself, "Do we have a chance?"

The story revolves around two characters, Keith and Anna.  These characters are the strength of Moody's writing.  He pulls you in with relatable characters, we all know a "Keith" and an "Anna"; hell we may have even felt like a "Keith" or "Anna" at one point in time or another.  We feel for them and we care.  They do not deserve this fate.

Isolation is accompanied by four short stories.  Each one taking a slightly different approach to the zombie apocalypse.  While I am not usually a huge fan of the short story (I like to spend more time with my new friends), each of these pulled me in quickly and there was nothing lacking.

I especially liked Who We Used To Be.  In it Moody addresses something that never even crossed my mind. While reading it, I thought to myself, "Those poor buggers are going through hell!"

If you are looking for an HEA, I think Jane Austin has one of those and you're welcome to it.  But if you want to read about the end of the world  and you want to feel alone, hopeless and isolated, then read Isolation.

5 Stars