Into the Unknown By Lorna Peel

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Into the Unknown is a fantastic look at the changes that took place in traditional relationships between men and women during the Second World War.  With few options in the 1930’s, Kate Sheridan left Ireland for London, to find work.  This is where she met the cocky ladies’ man and fighter pilot, Charlie Butler.  Their story is one that will drive people crazy.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I like my history old, really old…I’m talking about shield walls and swords, however, sometimes it is fun to look at stories a little closer to home.  The Second World War was a time of great change; changes in technology, in warfare, in relationships and for the place of women within our society.  Lorna Peel has chosen this time and place for a compelling story of the modern soldier and the new independent woman.

Kate and Charlie experienced tremendous tragedies that pushed them together, while at the same time, pulled them apart.  It was not an easy relationship, but one that I wanted to see overcome all of the roadblocks thrown in its way.  As a reader, I was able to feel the character’s torment.

Something that I really enjoyed about Into the Unknown is the setting created by Lorna Peel, as well as how much things have changed in such a short time.  Kate and Charlie had to work so much harder to maintain the communication that was necessary to make a relationship work.

Into the Unknown is a well written book that explores a developing relationship during a tumultuous time.  It is a story that will pull the reader into the story and keep you engaged until the end.

*4 Stars