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Hold Still follows detective Jocelyn Rush as she investigates a series of gruesome rape and mutilation cases. 

Regan has written a very good police drama with a great balance of comic relief and enough romance to keep the ladies interested…and not turn the guys off. Hold Still has an excellent pace, there are no lulls in the action and flow of the book.

At many points in the book, especially with the interaction of the detectives, it had the feel of a Lethal Weapon story/movie. Jocelyn Russ, playing the role of Martin Riggs, a dedicated detective who was just that little bit over the edge in how she performs her work. Then there was Kevin in the role of Roger Murtaugh, the by-the–book detective who keeps Jocelyn grounded and from going too far. 

If I approach the book as a mystery, it was a little bit predictable. The suspect list was very easy to narrow down. I approached Hold Still as a suspense. A good book for me is “How do we get from here to there?” This is where Lisa Regan shows her strength. She created characters that the reader can immediately connect with and then set in place a series of events that kept me glued to the pages. 

Hold Still is a great book for anyone looking for a well written suspense. It does get a little dark, the best crime stories need to be dark. I will be looking for more books from Lisa Regan. 

4 Stars 

Hold Still - By Lisa Regan