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Phoe (Phoenix) is a young treasure hunter.  She owns her own collectables shop and works on private contracts to track down and retrieve priceless artifacts.  In this first installment, she has been hired to bring back the mythical Hammer of Thor.

This book is a fast paced adventure.  It would lend itself better as a screenplay than it did a book.  I liked the concept of the story, the search for a famous artifact that may or may not exist.  Unfortunately, the story loses me after this.

The Hammer of Thor comes across as a cheap Indiana Jones knock-off.  Sure, Phoe is eccentric, she has her arch-nemesis, and she has the skills and knowledge to search for these long lost treasures.  But she lacked the altruistic nature of an “Indiana”, she wants these treasures for her own personal profit without consideration for where these treasures truly belong.

For me, the biggest problem with The Hammer of Thor was that it was too short.  The author needed more time to develop the characters and to allow the story to develop.  In many places it felt rushed, especially at the end, the action was difficult to follow.  Unfortunately, The Hammer of Thor was not for me.

*2 Stars

The Hammer of Thor By K.T. Tomb