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Grave Situation - By Alex MacLean

Good start to a cop drama.

I really liked the concept of this story and the main plotline. The main character, Allan Stanton, is a detective who has seen better days. His wife has left him and took their son, he has unsolved cases, and a near impossible case lands in his lap. The story twists back and forth between Stanton and the killer. The reader is able to get a complete understanding of what makes each one tick.

That was the good.

I can fully appreciate how daunting it must be to publish your first book, you want everything to be perfect. From my perspective, the author tried too hard with certain things. Some of the descriptions went into too much detail. My most important piece of advice would be to put the thesaurus down. Sometimes the K.I.S.S. principle really does apply. There were several times when I had to use the dictionary and then ask myself, “Is that word used properly?”

All in all the story is good. Allan Stanton is a believable, relatable character. I would like to see more of Allan Stanton and see how Alex MacLean grows as an author.

3.5 Stars