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GodBomb! By Kit Power

I absolutely love books that deal with faith, that make me question things, books that make me think.  GodBomb! deals with some very hard hitting topics and does so in a way that kept me riveted to the story.

Funny story, as I was reading GodBomb! my wife asked me who wrote it.  For whatever reason, Kit Harrington (Game of Thrones) came out of my mouth.  She immediately told me, “Kit Harrington can’t write a book, he knows nothing.”  Well, Kit Power has proven that he does know things, like how to delve into multiple psyches.  What really astonished me with GodBomb! were the characters, each one a unique individual with their own agendas, histories and faith (or lack thereof).  These characters are not just made up individuals, they are our friends and neighbors.  Each one had a very special purpose.

It takes a very brave author to tackle the subject matter in GodBomb!  A suicide bomber in a church wants God to talk to him.  Kit Power does this incredibly well.  He shocks his readers right from the beginning and nothing is held sacred.

I can see how some people could be offended by GodBomb!; it has some shocking violence, it covers some mature/taboo themes, and it makes you think about God and your own faith.  In my personal opinion, you need to test your faith in order to make it stronger.

*4.5 Stars​