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Forbidden: The Brethren of Erebus Book 1 - By L.M. David

Moros is a skilled, highly trainer warrior, he has been sent on a quest by his master, only to find out that he has been betrayed. The only way to restore his honor and his family’s good name is to complete his task and hope that this betrayal does not go any deeper.

Forbidden is a well-developed book, there are many unique and interesting characters, such as Cole. He adds the necessary comic relief to the book, in addition to revealing Moros’ true character. Moros is torn between the life that he knew and the realities of the life that he could have. His new friends offer him so much more than he could ever have back in Europe, but his old life was comfortable and familiar. This creates tension for Moros, as he contemplates what to do.

I, myself, am a bit of a vampire purist; they only come out at night, they loathe garlic and all of that sort of thing. I understand that people want to create something new and many readers don’t have an issue with that, and I will admit that even though certain vampires could go out in the sun, it did not have an impact on the story.

There are some editing issues with Forbidden, but the story itself pulled me in and I was able to overlook them. So if you are looking for something different in the vampire genre. A well-balanced book with some well-done fighting scenes, excellent comic relief and a compelling love story, I would recommend Forbidden.

3.5 Stars