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This archaeological adventure brought me back in time in more ways than one. It was very reminiscent of Indiana Jones, the mild mannered professor drawn back out into the field, tempted with adventure, intrigue and curiosity.

I enjoyed Elisha’s Bones from the beginning straight through to the end. It touches on a more obscure story from the Old Testament; the story of the bones of the Prophet Elisha, which according to this story brought a man back to life (I have to admit, I do not know/remember this story, but I’m reading fiction anyway…so I’ll roll with it). Our hero, Dr. Jack Hawthorne, has been employed by a dying billionaire to find and recover these bones.

The book has a great collection of characters. Jack Hawthorne is a professor of archaeology, he has experienced tragedy in his life, which has “killed” a bit of what made him the person that he was. Through his quest for Elisha’s bones, he begins to rediscover the man that he was. My favorite character by far is Esperenza, or Espy, as Jack calls her. She is one tough lady, she calls it like it is and Jack would be lost and alone without her.

The villains were a bit one dimensional and perhaps there could have been a bit more to give them some depth of character. I always like to know, “What makes the bad guys tick?”

Overall, I enjoyed Elisha’s Bones. It was a good paced story…it was not overloaded with too much action…but it certainly never dragged. I see that there are more books in the series and I will certainly be embarking on future digs with Dr. Hawthorne.

Oh, and by the way, could someone water that damn cactus already?!

4 Stars

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Elisha’s Bones – By Don Hoesel