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Eagle in Exile

​(The Clash of Eagles Trilogy II)

By Alan Smale

Eagle in Exile picks up right where Clash of Eagles left off.  This is not the type of series where each book can be read as a standalone.  Eagle in Exile builds upon the fantastic characters and inventive world from the first book in the series.

I always look forward to the next book in a great series.  The anticipation of getting back into the lives of the incredible characters who became my cohorts in only a few hundred pages; the excitement of traveling away to the captivating world created by an author, such as Alan Smale.  I was thrilled to grab a copy of Eagle in Exile once it became available.

The Roman Empire of this series is the one that was at the height of its glory.  One, according to Alan Smale, that lasted a thousand years plus.  This is the Rome that did not pay off barbarian hordes to leave Rome, but one that made them pay in blood for the audacity to even look upon Rome.  We all know that this Rome would not sit quietly after the loss of an entire legion.  Rome would come en masse.

Alan Smale has done a fantastic job of taking me on a tour of pre-European colonization America.  The time and effort put into his research is evident.  Alan Smale paints a vivid picture of many peoples with complex societies that should not be taken lightly by the mighty Roman Legions.

What I really enjoyed was the great depths of detail that Alan Smale has brought to his world.  All of the holes get filled in reference to what is going on back in the old world.  Alan Smale’s creativity really comes to the forefront in Eagle in Exile.

This is a fantastic series for any fan of history.

*4.5 Stars​

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