If you lost someone you loved, how far would you go to get them back? How many others would you put in peril? How many lives would you destroy?

Nick Teague is a C.I.A agent intent on destroying the terrorist who killed his daughter, Amanda. Deeds: Gods from Men is a twisted dark tale of revenge, despair and rage, exactly the kind of story that I like. This is the type of story that will constantly keep you guessing with the doppelgangers, flashbacks (or are they flashbacks?) and the intricate web that E.S. Wesley has woven.

One thing that Wesley amazed me with was his ability to describe, I truly consider him to be a “wizard of words”. He created such strong images with phrases like, “The smoke merged with the clouds low over the facility, a gloomy roof of soot and particles that blocked out the stars. A great black thing, amorphous and sinister, waiting for the moment that I would bring all its weight down on the people below and crush them with its cruel, asphyxiating presence. It writhed and squirmed in the dimming light of the fire.” His words not only created strong visual images, but also creating the smell and taste like, “the smell of pork roast and sulfur joined the stench of _____’s decaying body.”

I enjoyed reading Deeds: Gods from Men. E.S. Wesley is a new author for me and I would definitely read more from him. At times I found the characters and the storyline to be a bit confusing, but I think it was intended to be that way to keep the reader guessing. And I do love it when the story comes full circle.

4 Stars

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Deeds:  Gods from Men 

By E.S. Wesley