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Deadline - By Craig McLay

Colin Mitchell is a mild mannered reporter working for a small college newspaper, who is just trying to tell the truth. Well, he really isn’t all that mild mannered, in fact, he can be quite rude and abrupt. He is not just trying to tell the truth, he wants to expose corruption and get a great scoop. This is what makes the story so good.

When there is a murder on campus, Colin’s nose for trouble sends him after the truth. With the help of a fellow reporter, Janice, he finds more trouble and corruption than he can handle on his own.

Deadline is a mixture of dark crime, political corruption, and a good dose of sarcastic humour. It was a good, quick story (I finished it in just two days). At times it tried to be a little too much. In my personal opinion, it could have used less humour and more darkness. It looked like there will be a second book and I would like to see what kind of trouble Colin’s curiosity will get him into next.

3.5 Stars