Now anyone who knows me knows that I like a good zombie apocalypse, the dead chomping down on the living, people running for their lives and the infamous “double tap” (you have to make sure it’s really dead). I also like it when the author takes the zombies and goes “outside the box”. When the infected humans aren’t your average brain dead zombies or when the real story doesn’t just revolve around escaping the living dead.

Bailey Simms didn’t just go “outside the box” with Dead in Bed, she went “outside the whole warehouse”. Dead in Bed is a zombie plague like nothing I have seen before, it is evidence of her wildly creative imagination. These zombies have absolutely no interest in brains, they do not want to consume your flesh; they are a bunch of sex starved nymphomaniacs! Yes, that’s right…the apocalypse just went triple X!

Ashley is a great character. As a reader, I was pulled into the story through her. She is a very real character, not necessarily someone that I can relate to. She has some confused personal relationships and it I enjoyed following her throughout the book as she evolved and grew.

I was pleasantly surprised with Dead in Bed, it was well written, shocking and very entertaining. I am looking forward to reading more from Bailey Simms. Maybe next time she can make a grown man blush.

4 Stars

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Dead in Bed – By Bailey Simms

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