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Holy Wow!  Laini Taylor has created one heck of a complicated world for Karou.  She and Akiva have been dragged deeper into the war that they dreamt of ending together.  They are both forced into decisions of betrayal in order to save their souls.

Laini Taylor is an artist with her words.  At times she is a bit over the top in her eloquence.  I would even say that the dialogue is Dawson’s Creekesque, but I suppose that this sort of thing works with the YA audience.

What I loved most about Days of Blood & Starlight is the supporting cast.  Zuzana and Mik are a couple of fantastic characters.  Laini Taylor kicks the book with these two, and it left me in stitches.  The way that they interact with each other and the rest of the characters brings the story to an entirely different level.  They bring humor, and allow the reader to see different sides to the characters.  These two can get away with doing and saying things that the other characters cannot.

Days of Blood & Starlight completely changes the direction of the series.  Gone is the love story between Karou and Akiva (although it is still there in the back of both of their minds).  The story now is a darker story of war and betrayal.  I am looking forward to seeing how this series will end.

5 Stars

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Days of Blood & Starlight 

By Laini Taylor