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By Viktor Arnar Ingolfsson

I love a good mystery/crime book. It is always interesting to read a European based book once in a while to really contrast with the American approach.

Daybreak is set in Iceland, there is a killer on the loose. He is killing goose hunters. It is up to Birkir and Gunnar of Reykjavik’s Violent Crime Unit to stop the serial killer. Despite the fact that they are both loners and foreigners, you could not find a pair of detectives so different from one another, who still get along as well as Birkir and Gunnar. Iceland is really the only home that they have ever known.

Ingolfsson has told an excellent who-done-it. I was guessing right up until the very end. What was different about Daybreak is that it is not only about one detective and his partner, both Birkir and Gunnar share equal billing. The crime was gruesome and violent (bonus!), the suspect and twist were unexpected and the cast of characters allowed for some great comic relief.

This was my first Ingolfsson book. While I can see the obvious comparisons to Larsson and Adler-Olsen (all dark crime books set in Northern Europe), Ingolfsson has his own unique presentation which sets him on his own.

If you like dark crime stories, you need to read Daybreak!

4.5 Stars