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This is the first in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series. Shelley convinced me to read it after she finished it. I wasn’t sure about a “vampire romance”, but I enjoyed the True Blood series, so I gave it a shot.

Wow, what a book! This ain’t yo momma’s Dracula and you can let your little girls keep Edward! These boys (sorry, these are not boys), these men would chew Vlad and Ed up for breakfast and spit them out after because they weren’t worth the effort.

This is the story of Wrath, the king of the vampires. He has refused to accept his role due to events from his past that were completely out of his control. Only through the love of a woman, Wrath may be able to move beyond his past failures and fully accept his role as king.

In Dark Lover, we are also introduced to his brothers (not literal brothers, but members of the Black Dagger Brotherhood). These are some real bad boys as they battle to the death on a daily basis against the lessers (a supernatural race led by the Omega, determined to eradicate the vampires).

Each of the brothers are unique and are well developed characters. Some bring some necessary comic relief, while others bring a darkness that is so deep that we can only see its surface. An excellent book. I look forward to continuing with each brother’s story and delving deep into what makes each of them tick…and yes, for some that ticking may be a bomb waiting to go off!

4.5 Stars

Dark Lover - By J. R. Ward