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The battle for our immortal souls has begun. The battleground is Caldwell, N.Y.; the game of the seven deadly sins. Who will win….a demon from hell or three bada$$ angels?

Yes, I will admit it, I have read and enjoyed the Black Dagger Brotherhood books by J.R. Ward. I thought, “Why not try the Fallen Angel Series?” Well, I was not disappointed. Our hero, Jim, has been asked (more like commanded) to help in the battle of the seven deadly sins. While fighting his own personal demons, Jim must fight a real demon with the help of his new friends, Adrien and Eddie.

Well, I have never seen angels like this before (alright, I’ve never actually seen any angels before!). There are no wings on these guys…well, I suppose they are fallen angels. Before they sit down and talk, you better make sure you get them a beer and don’t even bother asking them to take off their shit kickers before they turn on the Van Halen! These are my kind of angels!

The story was well done and I look forward to following Jim in his battle. I assume that there will be six more books in the series. As always, a well written story from J.R. Ward.

4 Stars

Covet- By J.R. Ward