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Cold-Blooded - By Lisa Regan

I was first introduced to Lisa Regan’s writing about a year and a half ago when I read Hold Still.  I was completely engrossed by her ability to go for it with the dark, horrendous crimes being committed in the story.  Cold-Blooded continues on with a whole new investigation by Jocelyn Rush.

In my opinion, this is a fantastic way to build a series, while chronologically, Cold-Blooded follows Hold Still, I think that you could read them and any future books with Ms. Rush’s character, in any order.  It has that kind of Law and Order feel to it, where each book is its own unique entity, the whole story is completed with the book; although the crimes themselves would fit better in Stabler’s and Benson’s portfolios over at SVU. There are overlying events but these are not essential to the story, they add to the depth.

This time around a retired detective calls on Jocelyn and her team to clear a cold case that has haunted him for the past fourteen years.  Jocelyn brings her unorthodox methods and no holds barred attitude to solving the case and brings peace to a dying man.

One of the most important elements of any police drama is the killer.  This is Lisa Regan’s forte.  In Cold-Blooded she has created one of the most devious, cold-hearted killers I have ever seen.  The scope of the crime is brutal and this devious villain kept me riveted to the story.  This person definitely needed to be stopped.  It is the type of story that will keep you guessing to the end.

Cold-Blooded is a great book for readers who are not afraid to be shocked and a little appalled by crimes that really happen in this world.  It has fantastic characters and all the action that you could want in a story.

4 Stars

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