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Cleansing Evil By Derek Dorr

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​Cleansing Evil started with a horrific scene that captivated my attention and pulled me straight into the story.  I needed to know more.  It is the story of Dr. Christian Rinaldi and how he deals with his curse.

We meet Dr. Rinaldi on a train headed from Maine into Boston.  Derek Dorr is slowly developing this fascinating character, and then he slaps you across the face with some incredible information.  Dr. Rinaldi was a great character.  It amazes me how an author can make a character, who by all of our society’s standards, is truly evil, into a likable character.

The story itself is a good one, it is the type of story that makes you ask questions:  What is right?  What is wrong?  Is it acceptable to take another’s life?  For the first part of the book it felt like there were two stories going on.  The author brought it all together, uniting both of these stories.

Cleansing Evil is an excellent introduction to what should be a fantastic series.  It has all of the elements that I look for in a book, such as a flawed hero, horrific crimes, blurred lines between good and evil, and less than human villains.

I am already looking forward to more adventures with Christian and Mick.

*4.5 Stars​