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When my wife told me that a popular romance author was creating a new pen name for a new-to-her genre, I was intrigued.  I started following her posts...Where is this going? What will Blue Hill Blood be about? Can this romance author freak me out like some of my favorite horror and suspense authors.

Well, I have decided to rename Blue Hill Blood, 180 Degrees of Fubar.  I have found a new author to shock me at every turn.  Elizabeth Gray has created one of the best ensembles that I have seen in quite some time.

The story starts off with a shocking bang, after this we are lulled into the normalcy of an author struggling with writer’s block and an impending deadline.  The story continues, following a slow spiral of bad decisions and even worse actions until I found myself at the threshold of hell...for me, that’s a good thing.

Blue Hill Blood was a great paced story, it held my attention with the intricate relationships between the characters.  But the best parts were the twists and turns; I had so many “What? What? What?” moments.

I am looking forward to many more books from Elizabeth Gray, she has definitely set the bar high.

*5 Stars

Blue Hill Blood By Elizabeth Gray