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I have been slowly making my tour of Scandinavian authors.  Having already literarily visited Sweden, Denmark, Iceland and Finland, it was about bloody time I made my way to Norway.  And what better place to start than with Jo Nesbo.

Blood on Snow is a violent look at the criminal underground of Oslo, as seen through the eyes of Olav (not Olaf, there are no silly looking snowmen in this story).  Olav is a truly troubled soul, who has found his calling as a “fixer” for one of the most notorious crime bosses in Norway.

This is truly a character driven story, strong personalities with questionable morals and even more questionable loyalties.  Olav holds all of these people together, showing the reader different sides of the characters and slowly revealing their true motives.  Jo Nesbo has done an exquisite job of bring these characters to life, I could picture each and every one.

For a shorter book, the plot was very well developed.  The fast paced action tied the story development together.  This made for great flow in the story.

Blood on Snow was a great addition to my Scandinavian collection.  Jo Nesbo has certainly maintained the dark characters and scenarios that I have come to love from that part of the world.  A trip back to Norway is definitely in the works.

4.5 Stars 

Blood on Snow By Jo Nesbo

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