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Take a wild west outlaw and his gang (with their haul), throw them into a Mexican border town, add in a corrupt US officer, sprinkle in a saucy senorita and line the glass with a Spanish Conquistador vampire and you’ve got yourself Blood and Tequila.

While not a piece of literature that will be studied by high school students for generations to come (I am not an editor nor am I the grammar police), Blood and Tequila was 168 pages of rip roarin’ fun.

Colin Webster has created a cast of characters that you cheer for and pull along with. You want to help Clay Wilder get himself out of each predicament. And right along with him you wonder if the senorita is worth all of the trouble.

All in all, I loved Blood and Tequila, and very soon I will be reading the sequel Blood on the Mississippi.

4 Stars

Blood and Tequila

By Colin Webster