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Jocelyn, Jocelyn, Jocelyn…what have you gotten yourself into now? It never ceases to amaze me, the incredible independent authors who are out there! Tracey Ward is one of these authors. The characters are so incredibly real, the writing so gripping. I want to read more from her.

This is the sequel to Writing on the Wall. Joss has escaped from the Colony and the zombies and now must fulfill her promise to help the Colonists escape. We see her struggle, “would Vin come back for her?” No he wouldn’t. We want Joss to forget about her promise, it’s not worth it. We want her to run away with Ryan and have their HEA. But what kind of story would that be?!

Joss is a great character. She struggles with herself, but she is also one tough “kitten”, she knows how to kick some zombie asterisk. Her tenacity is her greatest strength and weakness.

Ryan is your (I’m sorry to say it) typical good guy. He is tough and smart. He would bend over backwards for Joss…as he has done many times.

Trent is the unknown and perhaps the most interesting character. Is he Jiminy Cricket or a player in a potential love triangle? (That may be a too obvious or dangerous road to go down.)

If you thought that Writing on the Wall ended with a cliff-hanger…you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. Ms. Ward, when’s the next one??

4.5 Stars

Backs Against the Wall 

By Tracey Ward