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This was one of those books that I hummed and hawded over for a while…I do like a good vampire book…and every good book needs at least a little romance (with a few exception)…but I just wasn’t sure if it was my cup of tea (yes I do drink tea); but for 99cents I gave it a shot.

Wow! Jeanie Grey is a really good writer! Awakening is the story of Lily Frank and Torren. They are both living separate, lonely lives. Torren has a plan to bring them together.

The characters in Awakening are exceptionally vivid; they are good or evil; there is no in between. In a story of this size (about 78 pages) you have to get straight to the point and create an immediate connection with the characters. This was very well done. The story was filled with many butt holes who didn’t half the trouble they deserved.

I enjoyed Awakening. It was a very well written, complete story. I personally would have liked more vivid violence in the book (Vampires are supposed to be vicious killers after all), but that’s just my personal taste. Would I recommend the book? I read Awakening 2 just 3 days later…so I would have to say yes.

3.5 Stars

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Awakening – By Jeanie Grey