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A.K.A. The Iliad, and then some. This is the famous story we have been waiting for. The siege of Troy has been going on for nine years, the oracles told us it would last for ten. It must end soon…but how?

The Armour of Achilles follows the battles of The Iliad, leading up to the turning point when the greatest warriors on each side, Achilles and Hector, must face each other.

Through Eperitus and Odysseus, we see how a decade away from home and family have made the men desperate to find a way to end the war while maintaining their honor.

The book is well done. The mix of combat, humor, and relationships (yes, there is a bit of a love story here) is very well done. We get to know many of the other characters very well in this installment in the series. Glyn Iliffe respects the style and story of Homer and keeps it current and relatable.

4.5 Stars……..Now bring on the horse!

The Armour of Achilles 

By Glyn Iliffe